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June 20th - 23rd, 2024

Queensland Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo point

$15,000 PRIZE POOL

Proudly sponsored by

On this page you will find all the information you need for the 2024 APL Drug-Tested National Championships

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Spectator Entry

Spectators are welcome all weekend at APL Nationals. There are 200 seats in the auditorium. Tickets will be sold at the door. 

Entry fee: $20 per day, children under 12 free.

Doors to the venue will open at 7am daily.


Parking at QMC is extremely limited due to works on the Story Bridge. We recommend you plan ahead and either car-pool or avoid driving to the venue if possible.

Live Stream

For spectators unable to attend, APL will be broadcasting a live stream daily. Live stream details will be released on our instagram the morning of each event.

Warm-Up Room

As always, our warm-up room will be stacked with the same equipment you’ll find on the platform.  

The warm up room will open at 7am daily. 

Please be aware that this venue is a theatre. We ask that you treat the venue with respect. 

Do not purposely drop your deadlift, this would cause you a red light on the platform so it is unnecessary to practice it in the warm up room. 

Each session will have 3 flights of lifters. We have a designated lifter-only area OUTSIDE of the warm-up room. Because space in the warm-up room is limited, any lifters not warming-up will not be allowed in the warm-up room. Please respect this so everybody can have the best experience.


Lifters are welcome to bring their own videographers to the venue, however there are a few stipulations that must be adhered to: 

  • The lifters’ experience and safety is our first priority, and the warm-up room will be a very busy area with up to 40 lifters in a session. If things get too congested or videographers are in the way, they will be asked to leave the area and will not be able to return
  • Your videographer must only be filming you

Videographers cannot film other athletes in an attempt to sell the footage to them.

Flight Schedule

Please see the following link for the finalised flight schedule, including the start times of all sessions.

  • Session 1 will start at 8am each day.
  • Session 2 will start at 1pm each day.


Weigh-ins will be held 24hrs prior to the start of your session. Weigh in windows will be for 90 mins. 

Weigh-in times and locations are listed below,

  • Day 1, Session 1 – Wednesday, 8am, at ZeroW Southside (147 Lumley St, Upper Mount Gravatt) and Ground ZeroW (4/36 Newheath Dr, Arundel). There will be no weigh ins offered at the venue at this time.  
  • Lifters unable to attend the 8am session can weigh in at 1pm at Queensland Multicultural Centre
  • Day 1, Session 2 – Wednesday, 1pm, at BOTH the Queensland Multicultural Centre & ZeroW Southside. If you plan on driving and parking, we highly recommend weighing in at ZeroW Southside
  • Day 2, Session 1 – Thursday, 8am, at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
  • Day 2, Session 2 – Thursday, 1pm, at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
  • Day 3, Session 1 – Friday, 8am, at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
  • Day 3, Session 2 – Friday, 1pm, at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
  • Day 4, Session 1 – Saturday, 8am, at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
  • Day 4, Session 2 – Saturday, 1pm, at the Queensland Multicultural Centre
  • 2hr weigh-ins may be granted upon special request.

Remote weigh ins may be given under extreme circumstances for competitors on the Thursday and Friday and will only be at the availability of an APL affiliate gym with a certified referee of the same gender. These may only be done with prior permission. Please email us at [email protected]

If a lifter weighs in above the weight category that they qualified in, the lifter may compete in the class above but will be required to stay in their original flight and session. If the above weight category has already competed then the lifter will be ineligible for placings. 

If a lifter weighs in below the weight category that they qualified in, the lifter may compete as a guest lifter and will be required to stay in their original flight and session. Guest lifters are ineligible for placings. 

All minors younger than 18 years of age must be weighed in with an official and a guardian of the same gender present. No one other than the lifter, official, and a parent, or parental-approved coach, may be present in the room at the time of the weigh-in. Both the official and the parent, or parental-approved coach, must sign the score card next to the lifters signature verifying that they were both present at the time of the weigh-in. If a parent or guardian of the same gender is not available, a minor must weigh-in wearing their lifting singlet. People of any age have the option to weigh in, in their lifting singlet.


We would like to thank ZeroW for providing the equipment for both the warm-up room and the platform.

On the platform and the warm-up room you will find:

  • ZeroW Combo racks
  • 29mm Texas Powerbar for both Squats and Bench press
  • Texas 20kg Deadlift bar
  • Eleiko calibrated plates and collars

Team Entry

Teams must be made up of 4 people with at least two females. Your team can represent your City, Gym or Friendship.

Each team will compete over the course of the weekend in their respective flights and the winning team will be the team with the highest combined Dots points come Sunday afternoon.

The winning team will receive a team trophy and a cash prize of $1000!

If you would like to submit a team entry form to be part of the action, please see the link below.

Photo Packages and T-Shirts

We would to thank everyone that has pre-paid for shirts and the photo package.

All shirts will be available for pick up at weigh-ins.

We are excited to welcome Neil Jose as the photographer of the event. At events such as this, Neil can take upwards of 15,000 photos. At the completion of the event please allow up to 2 weeks for photos to be released, the photos will be emailed to the email you have registered with.

If you would like to add any shirts, additional lifts or the photo package, please follow the link below


Awards will be presented at the completion of each session for all lifters within that session.

Overall awards such as best lifter and the team award will be given on Sunday afternoon at the completion of the event.

We are excited to announce that with thanks to our sponsors we have $15,000 prize money for the event.

This money will be divided amongst the overall winners.

Overall RAW – Both Female & Male based on DOTs

  • 1st – $2,500
  • 2nd – $1,500
  • 3rd – $750

Overall WRAPS – Both Female & Male based on DOTs

  • $750

Overall Masters – Both Female & Male based on McCulloch

  • $750

Overall Juniors – Both Female & Male based on McCulloch

  • $750


Effectus Physiotherapy (now Perform Well) has continued as a major sponsor of this event and will have a qualified physiotherapist operating throughout the competition on all days. Competitors will be able to access this service on the day, for a heavily discounted price of $50, to ensure they’re performing at their best on competition day.

Competitors will also have access to discounted pricing for ongoing support BEFORE, and AFTER the competition, in-person OR online for those outside of the Brisbane area. We are also now offering services out of the Gold Coast If you’re unable to make it up to Brisbane.

Make sure you reference APL Nationals to get your discount. Below is a booking link for prior to competition, we will make a competition day booking link available closer to the date.

*private health rebates available

Loaded Lifting

We’re thrilled to announce that Loaded Lifting is joining us as a proud sponsor for the APL DT Nationals! 

It’s time to elevate your game with top-quality lifting gear from Loaded Lifting. 

As you push the boundaries of strength and performance, Loaded Lifting will be there to support you every step of the way. 

Loaded Lifting are offering all athletes 20% off all ammonia with the code: APLAMMONIA20

Stay tuned for more exclusive offers from Loaded Lifting!

Drug Testing

APL Nationals is Drug-Tested event. Lifters must stay at the venue until the completion of their session should they be selected for drug testing. If a lifter leaves before the session has concluded and they are called for drug testing and are not present, the lifter will be disqualified from the event and may receive a ban from the federation.

APL Nationals is a sold-out event. Given the nature of the sport and the time it requires for lifters to prep for such events, we would like to reiterate we have a strict no-refund policy as stated on the entry form.