Record Applications

  • A completed Australian record application form must be sent in by the lifter to the Record Keeper within 30 days of the meet in order to have the new record validated.

  • The printable form is available here. An online version is available here.

  • This must be legible and signed by all required parties.

  • Incomplete forms will not be accepted or returned and the record will not be recorded.

  • Meet Directors are responsible for sending the score sheet to the record keeper within 14 days of the event including a list of all referees that participated at the meet and their current rankings.

  • Lifters must ensure they satisfy the Records Criteria below and as per the IPL Rulebook.

Records Criteria

To be eligible to claim a National or World Record the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Lifters will need to read the meet information to know which records can be set at a meet.

  • All IPL rules must be followed exactly as per the rule book.

  • You must show proper identification at the time of weigh-ins (eg. Driver’ licence, proof of age, passport).

  • You must be a registered member of the APL or USPA (meet Directors are responsible for validating all memberships with the APL).

  • National records may be set at any State, National or World meets as long as the appropriate referees are present.

  • World Records can only be set at an IPL Sanctioned meet such as Nationals. These will only be for the Age and Weight class that you have entered. Eg. if the entry is registered as Masters only masters records can be set. To set Open records two entries must be received and the lifter recorded as an Open and Masters participant.

  • Records will only be for the age and weight categories recorded at weigh in.

  • Records set in any age categories, if they are the highest will be in the OPEN record as well as the age category record.

  • New records must exceed the previous record amount by at least 500grams and must be within 20 kgs of the current record.

  • The record must be announced prior to the lifter stepping onto the platform and must be recorded as a record on the results sheet.

  • The lifter and all lifting gear used must be inspected prior to the lifter leaving the platform at the time of the lift. This must be done each time.

  • If 2 lifters in the same flight set the same new record the lifter who first sets the record will be recognised as the official record holder.

  • Guest lifters, those that “bombed” or are not wearing the approved lifting attire will not be eligible to set records or take 4th attempts.

Fourth Attempts

  • To take a 4th attempt the lifter must be successful on their 3rd attempt and report their attempt within 60 seconds from when they completed their lift.

  • 4th attempts are not counted in the lifters meet total or in a lifters placing in the competition. They will not be included in the record “total” itself.

  • 4th attempts are only available if breaking a national or world record. They are not available if the record has not been previously set.

Records Referee

  • There must be least two National or International Referees judging any National record attempt, and either three International, or two International and one National Referee judging any World Record attempt.

  • Meet Directors are responsible for ensuring the correct level referees are available at their meet.

Tested & Untested Records Additional Requirements

  • Drug tested records may only be established in drug-tested competitions.

  • Non-tested records can be broken in Drug-tested meets.